Donna | 52 | Palm Harbor, FL

There is so much miscommunication about keto on the internet. I had to get off the social media keto groups to focus better. Having a very knowledgeable coach helped me understand keto very quickly so I could be successful on my journey to better health. I honestly think many people fail at keto initially because they don’t have someone knowledgeable to ask questions of and guide them. Best decision I made was reaching out to Sevi one day!! I felt like she truly cared about helping you be successul on your keto journey.

I think initially I purchased a one month package. I wanted to practice what I learned during that month. A few months in I found I had more questions/ different questions than I initially had. I liked that I could sign up a few months later after the initial sessions so I could get more support. The flexibility to do that was great!

In terms of particular strengths: her availability to answer any and all questions via scheduled consultative sessions, by email or by simply a message sent; loved that she followed up all conversations with emails so I could refer back to the information at another time. She always provided links to areas for me as well.

If I struggled with something to eat she found options to help me get through the struggle. She opened my eyes to trying new and different things that I still practice today. I remember she always Skyped me on time and prepared – even when sometimes I myself wasn’t :-). She remembered little things we spoke about along the way during the sessions too. It made the session always feel very personable. I would absolutely recommend this!

Ben jij net als Donna ook klaar met alle tegenstrijdige informatie over keto? Overweeg dan eens een reeks coachgesprekken om jouw keto leefstijl mee te starten. Meer weten? Neem dan even een kijkje bij het coaching aanbod.